nama5 ThumbsUp! 0.9.8b

nama5 ThumbsUp! is simple plug-in for Microsoft Windows® which allows you to preview your RAW photos when browsing in Explorer. It extracts low-resolution embedded image from RAW file and display it in “Thumbnail” view of Explorer what simplifies searching in your photos.

Thumbnail view in a directory with RAW images.

Thumbnail view in a directory with RAW images.


Wide RAW format support
Essential EXIF info visible in Explorer
(ISO, aperture, shutter, focal length, flash)
Extraction of embedded preview in RAW file into clipboard or separated JPEG file


nama5 ThumbsUp! is based on 32-bit platform and thus it is available just for Windows XP® and Vista®. Under 64-bit versions of XP and Vista you can use our plug-in with 32-bit version of Explorer which is still available in these operating systems (shortcut to access the 32-bit Explorer is automatically made on your desktop in this case). We would like to fully upgrade to 64-bit platform with nama5 ThumbsUp! version 1.0.


nama5 ThumbsUp! is freeware.

Changelog (version 0.9.8b, 2012-02-21)

  • new RAW formats included: .raf (Fuji) and .srw (Samsung)
  • essential EXIF info right on thumbnails (optional)
    - character in the left-top corner represents objective used according to focal lenght:
      W = wide (f < 40 mm), N = normal (40 ≤ f ≤ 60 mm), t = short-tele (60 < f ≤ 100 mm), T = tele (f > 100 mm)
    - star in the right-top corner represents flash used
    - ISO speed, relative aperature f-ratio and shutter speed in fraction of second are at the bottom of thumbnail
  • new option in shell context menu for copying JPEG preview right into clipboard
  • "extract JPEG preview(s)" option improved for multi-select operation
  • "extract EXIF info" was removed due to instabilities (we recommend you PhotoMe as a substitute)
  • more options available in installer
  • association with JPEG files was disabled due to many bugs
  • EXIF info not longer available for older Canon format (.crw)