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In case you are interested, please download and try our DEMO version. In case you have any problems with downloading or installing the DEMO version, don't hesitate to contact us via email. We can't accept any refunds after you have bought the license of our program.

nama5 RAW processor

version 1.37 (2019-06-12)
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nama5 RAW processor DEMO (demo version)

version 1.37 DEMO (2019-06-12)     FREEWARE

1.25 MB
2.8 MB

Feature matrix - version comparison

Feature nama5 nama5 DEMO
Build-in photo browser with directory browser included included
Folder operations (rename, delete, new, favorites, ..) included included
Non-destructive image adjustments included included
Multiple variants per photo included included
Exif info extraction included included
Dual-monitor workspace included not included
Multi-core processing/exporting * included included
Full-quality image export ** included included
Advanced export management included not included
Real-time preview *** included not included
Copy/paste adjustments, Quick hovering sliders included included
90 degrees rotations included included
Straighten tool, Crop tool included included
White balance, Exposure compensation included included
Histogram, Highlights/Shadows warning included included
Highlight recovery included included
Fill light included included
Highlight/Shadow contrast included included
User contrast curve included included
Saturation, Color filter included included
Hue, Vibrance included included
BW image by color channel included included
Sharpness included included
Luminance/Color denoise and Hotpixel reduction included included

* Multi-core processor will significantly fasten the application and enables you to export more files simultaneously.
** Export is limited to 1 image in single application run for DEMO version.
*** Real time preview contains watermark in the DEMO version.