Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Do you support the Adobe DNG format?
Yes, DNG support is already included since version 1.14 but work on it is still in progress. All supported cameras were tested in their native format (CR2, PEF, NEF, etc.) and also as converted into DNG format.
Moreover, these cameras with native DNG support were successfully tested:
  • Leica M8, M9, X1
  • Ricoh GRD2, GRD3, GX100, GX200, GXR, GXR A12, GXR P10
  • Samsung GX-10/20, WB5000
What other RAW formats would you like to support?
We are currently working on Samsung (SRW) and Fuji (RAF) formats support.
Does your program run under 64-bit editions of Microsoft Windows?
Yes, it does. However, the nama5 RAW Processor is just 32-bit application so we always recommend you to test our DEMO before buying the full version to check all compatibility issues. We have not registered any problems with running under 64-bit editions of Windows XP, Vista or Win 7.
When I don't want to use the PayPal, is there another way how to purchase the nama5 RAW processor?
Not yet. But, we are working on the option of direct Credit Card transfer and PaySafeCard.
Are the future upgrades included in my license?
Yes, if you have the legal license, you can freely update to all 1.xx versions.
Could you send me e-mails about new updates?
Please, subscribe to our RSS News feed to get annoucements about updates.
I miss the library system for organizing photos?
The library system is not our priority yet. Our first intetion is to make simple and fast RAW Processor free from all processes which could slow it down.
Does your application support color management?
Currently, the nama5 RP is not color management ready! We expect the full support of the CM at version 1.5
I can not load JPEG/TIFF files.
nama5 RAW Processor can not open JPEG or TIFF formats, yet. These formats are available only for export.
Do you plan to make a version of the nama5 RP for Linux/Macintosh?
Our main focus lays on the MS Windows platform now. The plan is to make the version 2.0 multi-platform.
Is it possible to activate the nama5 RP without internet connection?
nama5 RP is "off-line" program as its functionality does not depend on internet connectivity. Unique license is associated with your registration on the web site and this is embedded into the program during the downloading process. There is no activation necessary once the installation files are downloaded.