Press release

nama5 RAW processor is now compatible with an additional 150 camera models
(Press release, 2019-07-21)

Both hobbyists and professional photographers appreciate the nama5 RAW processing and conversion software for its speed and intuitive interface. Compatible with most commercially available cameras, the nama5 offers non-destructive image processing with multiple variants per image, dual-monitor support and multi-core processing, to name a few.

The all new 2.0 version is well underway, until then users can make the best of its existing 1.37 version, which is now compatible with an additional 150 models (about 350 models total). By purchasing the nama5 1.37 for a reduced price of 25€, users boost the development of nama5 2.0 and enable us to bring advanced features faster to them. As a reward, they will have early access to future versions as well as their updates (including lifetime major version updates).

The Slovakia-based nama5 s.r.o started the tool back in 2010 and developed it to its current form in 2014. After a five-year hibernation, the Windows-only software is being revamped using state-of-the-art technology for crisper results, improved performance, all this across multiple platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux).

Key features (version 1.37)

  • non-destructive 48-bit image processing (16-bit per color channel)
  • wide RAW format support (about 350 camera models)
  • support for dual-monitor workflow
  • customizable multi-core processing and batch exporting
  • dynamic range recovery tools (Fill light and Highlight recovery)
  • powerful black & white filter (simulating b&w "analog" film photography with color filters)
  • portability (small size, no installation needed)
  • multi-language interface (English, French, German, Czech, Slovak and Polish)

Pricing and availability
nama5 RAW Processor is available via e-shop on homepage Standard price per one license is 25 EUR.

System requirements
Computer capable of running at least Microsoft Windows XP and higher is recommended.

More informations on the nama5RP homepage

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Press release images

dual monitor setup, develop mode, black background
Dual-monitor setup with develop mode
black background
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dual monitor setup, develop mode, white background
Dual-monitor setup with develop mode
white background
1024x474 pixels
nama5 s.r.o. - comapny logo, black background
nama5 s.r.o. - comapny logo
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nama5 RAW processor - application logo
nama5 RAW processor - application logo
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